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Newcastle is known as one of Australia’s progressive and multicultural cities celebrated for its bustling beaches, diverse ports and quaint cafe culture. Newcastle is also famous for having the oldest port in the country plus the largest saltwater lake in Australia, which is none other than Lake Macquarie.

As part of a city with 171,280 residents, you can expect the best services around its diverse range of industries, starting with local skip hire services.

1300 Skip Bins is a top-rated skip bin service that operates in the locality of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. We are one of the premier services that make living here convenient and environmentally sound. Our clients can’t say enough good things about our skip bin services from skip delivery to skip bin loading, we make sure you’re covered and stress-free! Unlike other skip bin providers in the market, 1300 Skip Bins offers a full rubbish removal service.  As such we will load your skip bin for you, often at no extra charge and on schedule. If you’re new to Newcastle, feel free to look us up for any of your rubbish removals or skip hire needs.

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Skip Basics

Skip Bins Newcastle

A skip bin is a large rubbish container that is either open on the top or covered with a lid. It is metal fabricated and made to withstand strong forces during loading and transport, and all kinds of waste can be loaded into it. Most skips  are not emptied into a garbage truck like local council rubbish collection services.  The skip bin is removed from location fully loaded onto a truck or skip trailer.

Mobile trailer skip bins are hitched to the back of a utility and towed away.  Then the skip bins professionals will either move out the fully loaded skip bin, or replace the skip with an empty skip bin to fill for the next collection schedule. As soon as the skip bin is properly filled and its lids sealed ready for transport, it is taken to a licensed waste management facility where the waste materials can be sorted into recyclables.

Some are salvaged for metals; some are compacted, or composted into a reusable form. Only after all these waste treatments a fraction of the household rubbish is taken to become landfill. As part of these important waste management systems in place in Newcastle, we are constantly in the forefront, actively seeking new eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to help reduce our community’s waste streams.

When to use a skip bin?

Certain life events can pile on the rubbish. How you deal with the rubbish post-event is crucial to maintaining a clean environment and great community. So go for skip bins when:

– Moving in and moving out
– Spring cleaning
– Daily waste management solutions for bulk waste streams
– Renovations and construction projects
– Cleaning deceased estate homes
– Hoarding management solutions
– Storm and post-flood clean-ups
– Parties and reunions
– Concerts and public assemblies

skip bin hire newcastle

Hiring A Skip Bin

Hiring a cheap skip bin service is fairly easy.  You have to know what you are disposing of in your rubbish.  Be aware that toxic and hazardous materials are not allowed by law to be thrown into skip bins in general, as they cause environmental problems and health hazards. These waste materials have toxic chemicals that once they start to corrode or disintegrate these toxins will seep into the soil contaminating the water supply and thus, further pollute the environment. This is something we should be mindful of as responsible individuals; we should do our fair share in taking care of our lovely community.

Items and waste materials not permitted in skip bins include:

– Asbestos
– Alkaline and Acids
– Paint and paint thinners
– Batteries
– Fuel and motor oils
– Flammable liquids and chemicals

Items like mattresses and automotive tyres are able to be placed in a skip bin however they must be declared to the skip bin company, as often additional charges apply to dispose of these items.

For skip bins customers, here’s a short guide on how to load your skip bins:

  • Remember to Segregate 
  • Know the Limits 
  • Pack it Tight 

Remember to Segregate

As part of the skip bins community, you can’t just mix in your rubbish without considering the consequences.  You should segregate your rubbish the right way so you will not further contribute to the waste problem, and more importantly, not incur any council fines. And as a responsible skip bins service, we encourage segregation practices among our customers. Household rubbish should not be mixed with garden waste, liquids and soil, oils and food leftovers, and vice versa. If you’re unsure of the volume of your rubbish or how to sort your rubbish, you can call 1300 Skip Bins and we’ll walk you through how to properly segregate and load your skip.

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Benefits of Hiring a Skip Bin

There are many advantages of hiring a cheap skip bin hire in Newcastle. First, with more time on your hands you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the community, the best of what Newcastle has to offer.

Convenience and Cost

Rubbish doesn’t have to stink your home to high heavens.  Book a bin with us and we’ll take care of it. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and watch us load up the skip bin. If you’re worried about skip bin prices, there are lots of affordable skip bin hire companies in the area, but 1300 Skip Bins stands out among the rest, not just because of its cheap skip bin hire, but for its excellent and timely skip bin hire service.

Versatile Sizes

Our sturdy skip bins come in various sizes with generous weight allowances conveniently tailored for your residential, industrial and business needs. There are so many cheap skip bins to choose from, but just how do you get the size right? Rubbish volume is measured in cubic metres, so is a skip, so see what fits with your rubbish removal needs or call your skip bin hire company for a rubbish estimate.

Stay Healthy

How’s your Immunity? If you’re not in the peak of health and still decide to sort the rubbish yourself, you may be exposed to contaminants and infectious bacteria.  The likelihood of contracting any waste-related illnesses is possibly high, especially if you do not have the right gear or equipment to sort through rubbish. To not risk your health any further, hire a reliable cheap skip bin hire company to manage your rubbish. Expert skip hires are properly trained in disposing of waste properly, hygiene laws and using clean-up gear and equipment to maximum efficiency.

Skip Bin Size Basics

Skip bin services usually classify the kinds of skip bins they have by type and size in cubic metres. Both ways work well. But if you want to familiarize yourself on the common types of skip bins used in rubbish removal and their capacity. Here’s a general overview:

  • Mini Skips 
  • Marrel Skip Bins 
  • Walk-In Skips 
  • Mobile Skip Bins 
  • Hooklift bins 

Capacity : The 2m3 skip bin holds the equivalent of 8 wheelie bins of rubbish.

At 2 cubic metres, mini skips are the smallest skip bin for hire and this container skip in most cases does not have a door.  Its commonly used by the average household for general waste disposal, and can come in handy for garden waste or weekend yard work.

mobile skip bins

How much is the skip bin permit?

Ah, yes! The rules of the real world require certain permits. But what’s the score with skip bin permits costs?

Getting a skip bins permit varies from one council to the next. Some areas do not even require them such as the Lake Macquarie Local Council area. But if you’re living in the Newcastle Local Council area you will need a council permit if you want your marrel (open top) skip bin located on the street or any other public area outside of your property’s boundary.  If a council permit is required you skip bin hire company will apply for this permit for you.  But be aware, it will add an extra $75 to the cost of your skip bin hire.  These permits only last for 30 days so if you are using skip bins for an extended time, you may be required to pay for a permit more than once.

A Quick Guide on Skip Bin Permits

It takes 72 hours for a skip bin permit to be approved by the council.  Do know that skip bins will not be delivered for placement until the appropriate documentation and fees have been received by the skip bin hire company.

Only when the permit is actually issued that you can expect your skip bin delivery. Skip bin hire companies that are found in violation of permit laws will incur heavy fines and penalties.

If you are in the Council area and are required to get a permit, it may be worth considering using a mobile skip bin.  As these are registered vehicles, if they are parked on the street in accordance with any local parking restrictions they do not require a council permit.

  • Clearance Check

    If you’re having the skip bin placed on a public road, check for a clearance of at least 4 metres in height and 3 metres in width before you apply for a permit. This would not be a problem for mobile skip bins, but it would be a concern for marrel skip bins, as these skip bins are lifted up by a chain and would need ample space for transfer. Therefore marrel skip bins cannot be put under trees or in garages, carports or underground carparks.

  • Be aware of sign post limit

Once you have the Skip bins permit you may still be required to pay additional fees to council. If you are in a timed parking zone, or metredparking area, you may be charged an additional daily amount by council. Mobile skip bins will also need to comply with any parking regulations in that location, however with this additional council permit. Skip bins are able to remain in these restricted parking areas without the fear of receiving a parking fine.

  • Get your witches hats on!

Having a Skip bins permit does not guarantee your parking spot on the day it is delivered. To ensure your spot on the road, you are allowed to reserve the parking space for your skip bin by placing road witches hats (those bright, orange cones) on the spot before the skip bin delivery truck arrives. Better still, if possible, park your vehicle in the space. Move it when the skip bin arrives to guarantee a spot close to where your rubbish is. Also witches hats are not provided by the Newcastle City Council. You should go out and get your own. Amazingly, you can use these road cones every time you use public parking with a permit.

  • But do you really have to deal with the paper work for the permits – just so you can park your skip bin?

At 1300 Skip Bins, trust us to handle that for you. Provided you give us the necessary details for the form and pay for the corresponding council fees for a Skip bins permit. Plus, we would like to offer you our mobile skip bins, if you feel worried about permits. Our mobile skip bins are placed on registered trailers, so mobile skips do not require a council permit like traditional skip bins do. So if you’re in a hurry and need a quick clean up going with a wait-and-load service, go for a mobile skip bin.

  • As a Newcastle resident, how long can I have the skip bin on my property?

Most skip bins companies allow customers to have the skip bin from 3 to 7 days, which entirely depends on your skip bin booking arrangement. Call us for a quote if you need a specific duration for your bin. The duration or length of time you have the skip bin also affects your skip bin cost.
We also have an affordable daily rate for Newcastle residents if you only want the skip bin for 1 or 2 days or for an extra number of days. If you plan on keeping the skip bin far longer than agreed upon, give us a heads-up by calling us ahead of collection time.

  • Make your life rubbish free

If you’re looking for the best skip bin hire service to help on your rubbish removal to keep your property clean look no further than 1300 Skip Bins, a trusted name when it comes to cheap skip bin prices. Our services are top-notch and value for money with every skip bin delivery.

  • Your Rubbish Removal needs come first

At 1300 Skip Bins, we know you’ve got your hands full with the demands of work and family. It can be rather tough finding time to finish doing all of the household chores. However, there is hope; Skip bins professionals who can get the job done for you quickly and on time. You can trust our skip bin hire team to do all the hard work of delivering. Therefore loading your skip bin if required, which means more free time for you to do the more important things in life.

  • We’ll be there, rain or shine.

We constantly strive to give the best skip bins service, and we simply do our best to accommodate your needs. By calling us or leaving us a message on our website, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We just need you to select the day and time when you want your skip bin delivered. Also after giving us the important details about your rubbish job, we’ll send you a quote. In short, no rubbish job is too big or small for us! We’ll confirm your skip bins booking and deliver the right-sized skip bin at your convenience. Our professional skip bin hire team will simply show up at your doorstep and get things done.

Remember, when it comes to skip hire services in Newcastle, 1300 Skip Bins is your best and affordable choice!