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What Type of Skip Bin Do You Need?

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Benefits of a mobile skip bin

  • Lockable lids

    Our lids are lockable so unlike traditional skip bins, you control who puts rubbish in your skip. Stop your sneaky neighbours loading your skip with their rubbish when you are not looking leaving you to pay the tipping fee for their rubbish.

  • No council permit required

    If you live in the Newcastle or Lake Macquarie Council areas you will need to pay up to $90 for a permit to place a traditional skip bin on your nature strip or the street. Skip bin trailers are registered vehicles so do not require a council permit making them cheaper than open top marrel skip bins if you cannot fit a skip bin within your property boundary.

  • Won’t damage your driveway or lawn

    Skip bin trailers have pneumatic tyres so won’t ruin your driveway, other hard surfaces or lawns. Metal skip bins can crack or scratch your driveway or rip up your lawn so if your bin needs to be placed on these areas consider a skip bin trailer.

  • Reduce your loading time

    Skip bin trailers can get closer to where your rubbish is located – including under carports, in garages, under trees and other low hanging objects. Traditional skip bins delivered on big trucks that simply cannot go where we can.

marrel skip bin

Benefits of a marrel skip bin

  • Extra length

    Marrel bins are longer than trailer skip bins (up to 3.6 metres in length compared to 1.8m for trailer skip bins so can fit in longer materials like wooden beams, poles etc

  • Longer hire time

    Our marrel skip bins can be hired for 7 days without incurring extra hire charges. Skip bin trailers generally have a 3 day hire period so if you are looking at loading your waste gradually over time then marrel skip bins are a good choice.

  • Heavier loads

    Our marrel bins can hold up to 1.5 tonnes so are more suitable for larger construction and renovation projects as well as large tree trunks.

  • Environmentally friendly delivery

    Our marrel skip bins are delivered on a trailer towed by a utility, not a big truck, making our skip bins the most environmentally friendly skip bins available.

Why you should choose 1300 Skip Bins

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1300 Skip Bins is the only company servicing Newcastle and Lake Macquarie to give customers the choice of either mobile trailer skip bins or marrel (open top) skip bins . Our range of skip bins means customers can choose a skip bin that best suits their needs to meet their budget and site specific requirements. Our mobile skip bins don't need a council permit so customers save on skip bin hire if they need to locate a skip bin on a street or nature strip in the Newcastle or Lake Macquarie Local Government Areas. We also offer marrel skip bins for larger, heavier and longer waste items. 1300 Skip Bins is locally owned and is dedicated to outstanding customer service and working with our customers to find the best and cheapest waste disposal options.

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Got A Question…?

Still not sure which company to use for skip bin hire Newcastle and Lake Macquarie or which size bin you need? Give us a call or send us an email by clicking on the email button below and we will be more than happy to help you out with obligation free advice.or visit our FAQ page for answers to the many questions you may have.

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