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1300 Skip Bins is Newcastle and Lake Macquarie's premier mobile skip bin company. We are proudly owned and operated by local Novocastrians. We are not a franchise like many other skip bin companies.

1300 Skip Bins will assist you to dispose of your waste in the most economical and environmentally friendly manner possible.

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The Benefits of a Mobile Skip Bin

Lockable lids

One of the major advantages of a mobile skip bin is that they come with lockable lids. It is quite common for those hiring the old fashioned open top skip bins to come out in the morning only to find that other people have taken advantage of a skip bin being in the neighbourhood. They have dumped their rubbish in the bin that someone else (you) has paid for. This not only reduces the space you have for your items but people use your bin to get rid of difficult to dispose of items such as tyres and mattresses (leaving you to pay an additional disposal fee ranging from $30 – $75 per item).

In some instances, people will dump asbestos and dangerous chemicals in someone else’s bin. If this occurs the skip bin company may not (and usually won’t) take your bin away or charge an exorbitant fee to dispose of these very dangerous items.

Reduction in loading time

Mobile skip bins can be moved around a worksite or between the front and back of a house. Mobile skip bins can go wherever a trailer can go so can be driven down long or steep driveways or placed under carports, in garages, under trees and other low hanging objects. Traditional skip bins are delivered on big trucks that simply cannot go where a mobile skip bin can.

Therefore mobile skip bins can reduce the distance you need to walk to load your skip bin. And if you have a long or steep driveway this could save you kilometres of walking and loads of precious energy.

Won’t damage your driveway or lawn

Mobile skip bins have rubber tyres so won’t ruin your driveway, other hard surfaces or lawns. Old fashioned skip bins can crack or scratch your driveway or rip up your lawn when they are placed or dragged when picking up.

No council permit needed

If you live in the Newcastle or Lake Macquarie Local Government areas you are required to obtain (and pay for) a permit to place a traditional skip bin on your nature strip or the street. The cost of these permits cost you over $100 on top of your traditional skip bin hire fee. Most skip bin companies don’t include this upfront in their pricing so whilst you think you may have found a cheaper skip bin than a mobile skip bin, you may in fact be paying more once you have paid for your council skip bin permit.

Mobile skip bins are on registered trailers so as long as they comply with parking regulations you can save yourself between $80 – $110 by hiring a mobile skip bin.

Value For Money

1300 Skip Bins are the lowest price mobile skip bin company in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Our mobile skip bins are competitively priced with other forms of skip bins.

Environmentally Friendly

At 1300 Skip Bins we take extra time to talk to you about the type of rubbish you have. And plan to send it to the most appropriate waste management facility. The recyclables such as cardboard, electronic waste, metal etc go to a facility to be recycled or reused. Many other skip bin companies send their waste to the one place regardless of the waste type where it inevitably ends up in landfill.

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