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1. How much does a skip bin cost?

This all depends on the size of the bin you need and what type of waste you are putting in it. Obviously the bigger the bin the higher the cost, but there are efficiencies as the size of the bin increases. For example, a 4 cubic metre bin is cheaper to hire than 2 x 2 cubic metre bins, so try to work out how much waste you have before you order your skip. The type of waste you have can also be cheaper. Green (garden/organic waste) can be lighter than general waste so is often cheaper to dispose of. For this reason a green waste bin hire can be between $20-$40 cheaper than a general waste bin hire. So make sure you tell the skip bin company what type of waste you have. The duration you need your skip bin for can alter the price of your skip bin hire. Most skip bin companies have a set hire period (between 3 – 7 days) and will charge you a daily amount for each day you have the bin over that initial hire period. Avoid these extra charges by being organised and have your waste ready for disposal. it is even worth asking the skip bin company if they offer a discount if you return your bin early.

2. Do I need a council permit for your skip bin hire?

No. Newcastle Local Council charges its residents for a permit to place a skip bin on their medium strip or on the road. This permit costs you around $80 and is additional to your skip bin hire charge. However our skip bins are on registered trailers so as long as we are able comply with parking conditions you DO NOT pay extra for a council permit when hiring our skip bins.

3. Why are your mobile skip bins better than traditional skip bins?

Apart from saving you money a local council permit fee, our skip bins also have lockable lids so that you control who puts waste in your skip bin. No more waking in the morning to find that one of your neighbours has put their rubbish in your skip bin. As our skip bins are on a trailer we can locate your skip bin close to where your rubbish is. No more lugging your rubbish up a long, steep driveway. We can back our mobile skip bins at the bottom of the driveway to save you time and energy.

4. Does your pricing cover all tipping fees?

Yes. However each skip bin size comes with an allowable weight limit. This means that as long as you remain under this weight limit all tip fees are covered in the price. On the rare occasion that you go over the weight limit you are only charged the rate which we are charged for the extra weight. Our weigh limits are higher than most other skip bin companies (for example, they give you a 600 kilogram limit for a 4 cubic metre skip bin whereas we give you 700 kilograms. In fact, 98% of our customers never pay excess weight charges.

5. Do you have a loading service?

Yes. We can help you take your rubbish to the skip and load it for you. Of if you are organised and have your waste at the front of your premises or in an accessible place we will load your skip bin FREE for the first hour. Most skip bins can be filled in 1 hour.

6. What if I under estimate the amount of rubbish I have?

If you have filled up your skip bin only to have more rubbish left over simply call us and we will bring you another bin (usually within an hour of receiving your call). In fact we often recommend to our customers to be a little conservative in their estimates so that they are not paying for wasted space. For example, if you order a 6 cubic metre skip bin and only use 4 cubic metres you are paying extra to ‘dump’ 2 cubic metres of air. That is just throwing your money away.

7. Can you deliver, load, and take away in one day?

In most instances we can, however on some peak demand days it can be a little difficult to deliver all the pre-booked skip bins in one day. So the more notice you can give us the better, but we will always do our best to give customers same-day delivery whenever possible.

8. What if I’m not finished with the skip bin by pick-up day?

If you know you are not going to be finished with your skip bin by the scheduled pick-up day please contact us as soon as possible. In most instances you will be able to have your skip bin for longer than scheduled however if all our bins are pre-booked then you may need to rebook another bin at a later date, but this is rarely required.

9. Are your trailers insured?

Yes. Our trailers are fully insured so in the unlikely event that damage is caused to your property by our trailers you can rest easy knowing it will be covered by our insurance. 1300 Skip Bins also has Public Liability insurance and our workers have workers compensation.

10. Do I have to take the skip to the tip myself?

No. Once you have finished loading the skip bin we will pick it up and take it to the tip for you. Our pricing includes delivery, pick up and tip fees.

11. Do I need to be home when my skip bin is delivered?

No. We can place our mobile skip bins in your driveway or somewhere else on your property or on the street in front of your premises so as long as we know where you would like your bin placed you don’t need to be home.

12. What areas do we cover?

1300 Skip Bins deliver to all suburbs in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie local government areas.

13. Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?

No, you won’t be charged providing you give us enough notice before we arrive at your place. You may be charged if we arrive at your address and you inform us you no longer need the skip bin. You also need to make sure the area where you would like the skip bin placed is accessible and clear of other vehicles or objects. We may charge you 50% of your hire fee if we are unable to place the bin and need to return it to our depot.

14. Do I pay an additional fee for delivery and pick up of the skip bin?

Our pricing includes the delivery, pick up and tip fee. Providing you stay below our generous allowable weight limit you will only pay the price quoted.

15. What size skip bin will I need?

To help you choose the correct size skip bin we have written an article to help you with this question. Check it out here