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1300 Skip Bins is a skip bin service operating in Kotara South and surrounds. Our clients praise us for our convenient and environmentally friendly services.

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To book a skip bin, please visit our book a skip bin page. If you require a same day delivery please contact us on 1300 562 786.

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Welcome to 1300 Skip Bins

We provide skip delivery and loading to ensure stress-free rubbish removal. Unlike other providers, we offer a full rubbish removal service, loading your skip bin for you, often at no extra charge and on schedule. If you're in Kotara South, consider us for your rubbish removal or skip hire needs.

Local, Reliable Kotara South Skip Service

Looking for a reliable skip bin hire service in Kotara South? Look no further than 1300 Skip Bins. Locally owned and operated, we offer a wide range of skip bins in various sizes to suit your needs. Our bins are available in sizes ranging from 2m³ to 10m³, with allowable free weight inclusion and competitive prices.

Bins For All Types of Waste in Kotara South

When it comes to Kotara South skip hire, we offer a range of waste skips for all types of waste, including mixed waste, building waste, clean fill, scrap metals, green waste, and more. Our bin types include marrel (open top) and mobile trailer skip bins, with weight allowances.

Great Priced Bins With No Surprises

We provide Kotara South skip hire for specific waste types, including concrete and deceased estates. Our prices include tipping fees, making us the most convenient and cost-effective option. Our staff can help you choose the right bin size and waste type with instant quotes and same-day deliveries. Trust Kotara South Skip Bin Hire for the best-priced skips and reliable service for building sites or renovations. Contact us for more information on conditions that apply to some bin types.

Skip Sizes For All Your Waste Needs

At 1300 Skip Bins Newcastle, we understand that every customer's needs are unique. That's why we offer a variety of skip hire bin sizes and types to suit your specific needs. Our 2m³ skip bin is perfect for smaller residential projects, while our 8m³ and 10m3 skip bins are ideal for larger commercial projects. Our 3m³ and 4m³ skip bins are also popular options for many customers.

Excellent Service & Prompt Delivery

In addition to our competitive prices, we also offer friendly and reliable service. Our team of experienced professionals is knowledgeable about waste management and can help you choose the right bin type and size for your specific needs. We also offer same-day delivery, so you can get your skip bin as soon as possible.

Servicing Kotara South & Surrounds

We provide skip bin hire in Kotara South and surrounding areas. Our services cover Kotara South, and other suburbs in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. At 1300 Skip Bins in Kotara South, we have different bin sizes and types to meet your requirements. Our prices are competitive, and we provide dependable service. Get in touch with us today for delivery on the same day.

A Skip Bin For Every Project

Whether you're renovating your home, undertaking a landscaping project, or need to dispose of waste from a commercial job site, our bins are suitable for all types of waste. We offer bins for clean fill, mixed waste, building waste, green waste, scrap metals, and more.

Our Kotara South skip hire service prides itself on providing our customers with the best service possible. Our bins are regularly maintained and cleaned, and we take care to ensure that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Ask us about our special 1/2 hour FREE loading with our load and go service

What Is A Skip Bin?

A skip bin is a large rubbish container that is either open on the top or covered with a lid. It is metal fabricated and made to withstand strong forces during loading and transport, and all kinds of waste can be loaded into it. Most skips are not emptied into a garbage truck like local council rubbish collection services. Marrel skip bins are loaded onto a truck, and our mobile skip bins are towed away and removed from the location.

What Are Mobile Skip Bins?

Mobile trailer skip bins are attached and towed by a utility vehicle. Our experts will replace or remove the full skip bin and provide an empty one for the next scheduled collection. After properly filling and sealing the skip bin, it will be transported and sorted at a licensed waste management facility for recyclable materials.

Do You Recycle Any Materials?

Some are salvaged for metals; some are compacted, or composted into a reusable form. Only after all these waste treatments a fraction of the household rubbish is taken to become landfill. As part of these important waste management systems in place in Kotara South, we are constantly in the forefront, actively seeking new eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to help reduce our community’s waste streams.

Why Hire a 1300 Skip Bin?

Our skip bins are useful for various situations. These include spring cleaning, house parties, moving out, and renovations. Certain life events can create a lot of rubbish, and how you deal with it is important for keeping a clean environment and a great community. Skip bins can be used for daily waste management, renovations, cleaning deceased estates, hoarding management, storm and post-flood clean-ups, and events like concerts and public assemblies.

Hiring A Skip Bin Kotara South

Hiring a cheap skip bin service near you is fairly easy. You have to know what you are disposing of in your rubbish. Be aware that toxic and hazardous materials are not allowed by law to be thrown into skip bins in general, as they cause environmental problems and health hazards. These waste materials have toxic chemicals that, once they start to corrode or disintegrate, will seep into the soil, contaminating the water supply and, thus, further polluting the environment. We should be mindful of this as responsible individuals; we should do our fair share in caring for our lovely community.

What Can't Go In A Skip Bin?

Our Kotara South skip bins have certain restrictions on what can be disposed of, such as paint, fuel, chemicals, batteries, asbestos, alkaline and acids, paint and paint thinners, motor oils, and flammable liquids and chemicals.

Items like mattresses and automotive tyres are able to be placed in a skip bin; however they must be declared to the skip bin company, as additional charges apply to dispose of these items.

Filling Your Skip Bin Safely

When using our Kotara South skip bins, remember these rules: Segregate, know the limits, and pack it tight. Mixing rubbish can cause problems, so always sort it properly. We encourage our customers do the same. Don't mix household rubbish with garden waste, liquids, soil, oils, or food leftovers. If you're unsure how much rubbish you have or how it should be sorted, call us, and we'll help.

Stay Healthy With our Rubbish Removal Service

Accumulating rubbish can expose you, especially if you're not in good health, to harmful substances, toxins and micro-organisms. If you lack the proper gear or equipment, the risk of contracting waste-related illnesses is high. Hire a trustworthy and affordable skip bin hire company to avoid further health risks. These professionals are trained in proper waste disposal, hygiene laws, and efficient clean-up.

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Benefits of Hiring a Skip Bin Kotara South

There are many advantages of hiring our cheap Kotara South skip bins. First, with more time on your hands you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the community, the best of what Kotara South has to offer.

Convenience and Cost

Rubbish doesn’t have to stink your home to the high heavens. Book your Kotara South skip bins with us and we’ll take care of it. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch us load up the skip bin. If you’re worried about skip bin prices, there are lots of affordable skip bin hire companies in the area, but 1300 Skip Bins stands out among the rest, not just because of its cheap skip bin hire, but for its excellent and timely skip bin hire service.

Versatile Sizes

Our sturdy Kotara South skip bins come in various sizes with generous weight allowances conveniently tailored for your residential, industrial, and business needs. There are so many cheap skip bins to choose from, but just how do you get the size right? Rubbish volume is measured in cubic metres, so is a skip bin. To see what fits with your rubbish removal needs, call us if you don't know which size you should go for.

Local Council Skip Bin Permits

In Kotara South, a permit will be needed if you want your skip bin on the street, nature strip or other public areas. Our skip bin hire company can apply for the permit, but it will cost over $100 on top of your skip bin hire fee. Permits only last for 30 days, so if you need the skip bin for an extended time, you may need to pay for multiple permits.

Kotara South Skip Bins Permits

It can usually take 72 hours for a skip bin permit to be approved by the council. Skip bins cannot be delivered until the appropriate documentation and fees have been received by the skip bin hire company.

Only when the permit is issued can you expect your skip bin delivery. Skip bin hire companies that are found in violation of permit laws will incur heavy fines and penalties. Especially when skips are left on public land or nature strips without a permit.

If you are in the Kotara South council area and are required to get a permit, it may be worth considering using a mobile skip bin. As these are registered vehicles, if they are parked on the street in accordance with any local parking restrictions, they do not require a council permit.

Checking For Clearance

If you’re having the skip bin placed on a public road, check for a clearance of at least 4 metres in height and 3 metres in width before you apply for a permit. This would not be a problem for mobile skip bins, but it would be a concern for marrel skip bins, as these skip bins are lifted up by a chain from a truck and would need ample space for transfer. Therefore marrel skip bins cannot be put under trees or in garages, carports or underground carparks.

Be aware of signed restrictions

Once you have the skip bin permit, you may still be required to pay additional fees to council. If you are in a timed parking zone or metered parking area, you may be charged an additional daily amount by council. Mobile skip bins will also need to comply with any parking regulations in that location and may need council approval to park in restricted or timed parking areas longer than what is permitted.

Reserve Your Spot On The Road

Having a Skip Bins permit does not guarantee your parking spot on the day it is delivered. To ensure your spot on the road, you are allowed to reserve the parking space for your skip bin by placing road witches' hats (those bright, orange cones) on the spot before the skip bin delivery truck arrives. Better still, if possible, park your vehicle in the space. Move it when the skip bin arrives to guarantee a spot close to where your rubbish is. Also, witches hats are not provided by the local City Council. You should go out and get your own. You can use these road cones every time you use public parking with a permit.

Let Us Take Care Of the Permits

But do you really have to deal with the permit paperwork – just so you can park your skip bin?

1300 Skip Bins will take care of your skip bin permit. Just provide us with the necessary details and pay for the council fees. If you're concerned about permits, we offer mobile skip bins on registered trailers that don't require council permits. Choose a mobile skip bin for a quick clean-up with our load-and-go service.

How long can I have a skip bin on my property?

Our skip bins are generally rented for a period of 3 to 7 days, which can vary based on the type of skip bin and booking agreement. If you require a specific duration, we recommend contacting us for a quote. Additionally, the cost of the skip bin may be affected by the length of time it is rented for.

If you plan on keeping the skip bin far longer than agreed upon, give us a heads-up by calling us ahead of collection time.

Make your life rubbish free

If you’re looking for the best skip bin hire service to help with your rubbish removal to keep your property clean, look no further than 1300 Skip Bins, a trusted name when it comes to cheap skip bin prices. Our services are top-notch and value for money with every skip bin delivery.

We Help With Your Rubbish Removal Needs

If you're busy with work and family, household chores can be tough to finish. But don't worry, 1300 Skip Bins can help. We have professionals who can do the job quickly and on time. You can trust us to deliver and load your skip bin, giving you more free time for important things.

We’ll be there, rain or shine.

We aim for excellent skip bin service and strive for customer satisfaction. Contact us through our website or phone, Simply choose a delivery time and provide details about your job for a quote. Our skip bins are available for any size job. We will confirm your booking and deliver the appropriate skip bin. Our professional team will arrive and complete the job.

Remember, when it comes to skip hire services in Kotara South, 1300 Skip Bins is your best and most affordable choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a skip bin cost?

Skip bin costs depend on the size and type of waste. Larger bins are more cost-efficient than multiple smaller bins. Green waste is often cheaper than general waste. Duration of hire can also affect the price. Most companies have a set hire period and charge for each extra day. Be organised to avoid extra charges.

Do I need a council permit for your mobile skip bin hire?

No. Some local Councils charge its residents for a permit to place a skip bin on their nature strip or the road. This permit costs you over $100 and is added to your skip bin hire charge. However, our mobile skip bins are on registered trailers, so as long as we are able to comply with parking conditions, you DO NOT pay extra for a council permit when hiring our mobile skip bins.

Why are your mobile skip bins better than traditional skip bins?

Some benefits of our mobile skip bins is that they have lockable lids, giving you control over who puts waste in them. This saves you from unexpected rubbish from your neighbours. Our skip bins are on a trailer, so we can usually place them closer to where you rubbish is. You won't have to lug your rubbish up a long, steep driveway. We can back our mobile skip bins to the bottom of the driveway, saving you time and energy. Additionally, our skip bins save you money by avoiding local council permit fees.

Does your pricing cover all tipping fees?

Each skip bin size has a free weight allowance. Staying under this limit means all tip fees are included in the price. If you go over the limit, you are only charged for the extra weight at the rate we are charged. Our weight limits are higher than most other companies. For example, we give you a 750 kilogram limit for a 4 cubic metre skip bin, while many others only give 600 kilograms. Excess weight charges are rare, with 98% of our customers never paying them.

Do you have a free loading service?

Yes. We can help you take your rubbish to the skip and load it for you. If you are organised and have your waste at the front of your premises or in an accessible place, we will load your skip bin FREE for the first 1/2 hour. Most skip bins can be filled in less than 1/2 hour.

What if I under estimate the amount of rubbish I have?

To get another skip bin, call us if you have extra rubbish after filling up the first one and we will replace your full skip bin with an empty one. We appreciate as much notice as possible but in many instances are able to swap skip bins over on the day we are notified.

Can you deliver, load, and take away in one day?

While we can typically accommodate pre-booked skip bin deliveries, there may be some challenges on particularly busy days. We encourage customers to provide as much advance notice as possible but rest assured we will always strive to provide same-day delivery whenever possible.

What if I’m not finished with the skip bin by pick-up day?

If you know you are not going to be finished with your skip bin by the scheduled pick-up day please contact us as soon as possible. In most instances you will be able to have your skip bin for longer than scheduled however if all our bins are pre-booked then you may need to rebook another bin at a later date, but this is rarely required.

Are your trailers insured?

Yes. Our trailers are fully insured so in the unlikely event that damage is caused to your property by our trailers, you can rest easy knowing it will be covered by our insurance. 1300 Skip Bins also has Public Liability insurance and our workers have workers compensation.

Do I have to take the skip to the tip myself?

No. Once you have finished loading the skip bin we will pick it up and take it to the tip for you. Our pricing includes delivery, pick up and tip fees.

Do I need to be home when my skip bin is delivered?

No. We can place our skip bins in your driveway or somewhere else on your property or the street in front of your premises, so as long as we know where you would like your bin placed, you don’t need to be home.

What areas do we cover?

1300 Skip Bins deliver to all Newcastle and most Lake Macquarie local government areas suburbs.

Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?

No, you won’t be charged provided you give us enough notice before we arrive at your place. You may be charged if we arrive at your address and you inform us you no longer need the skip bin. You also need to make sure the area where you would like the skip bin placed is accessible and clear of other vehicles or objects. We may charge you 50% of your hire fee if we are unable to place the bin and need to return it to our depot.

Do I pay an additional fee for delivery and pick up of the skip bin?

Our pricing includes the delivery, pick up, and tip fee. Providing you stay below our generous allowable weight allowance, you will only pay the price quoted.

What size skip bin will I need?

To help you choose the correct size skip bin, check out our skip bin sizes page for detailed advice.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. We also accept debit cards and cash. Some frequent-use clients may be eligible for an account for regular hire.

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Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you. To make a booking please visit our book a skip bin page.

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I would highly recommend 13 skip bins Service was prompt and on time. Michael was Very professional and easy to deal with Pricing was very competitive

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Great company prompt and reliable service. No job too hard. Always on time and always willing to work with all clients. Would recommend them to anyone looking to dispose of rubbish.

Lance Duffy

highly reccomended, didnt charge me for needing the skip bin longer and michael was very understanding. great to deal with

Peter Johnston

1300 skips are the best skip company we have used. We do a lot of Reno’s and have used different company’s in the past but 1300 skips service was top notch! Extremely fast and accomodating. Quick to respond. Very easy to work with.

Sophie Eriksson