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Green Waste and Garden Waste

Keeping your garden looking its best seems to be a never-ending job. A garden makeover can result in a large amount of garden waste.

Luckily as a society, we are becoming more environmentally aware and have developed facilities to recycle our garden and other green waste.

Items that can be accepted as green waste include

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Tree trimmings
  • Small branches
  • Weeds
  • Bark

As this waste is turned in to mulch and compost the following items are NOT ALLOWED in green/garden waste skip bins

  • Tree trunks or stumps (as these are too large to be mulched)
  • Asbestos or other hazardous waste
  • General waste
  • Clean fill/hard fill
  • Food waste
  • Soil or rocks

1300 Skip Bins takes your green and garden waste to waste management facilities that use it to make mulch and other environmentally sustainable products.

The other good news is that not only are we saving the environment by not putting green waste into landfill (or worse still, burning it), skip bin hire for green waste is cheaper to dispose of than general waste. This is due to lower waste management fees and often lighter loads. But beware, some skip bin hires companies to charge you the same amount for green waste as they do for general waste, hoping to profit off your ignorance.

Check out our low green waste skip bin hire at Pricing

We also offer cheaper rates for shorter duration hire. So if you have all your waste already sorted and piled in one spot you can save even more on your skip bin hire. If we can park our skip bin trailer close to where your waste is we are happy to help you load it into the skip bin for you. You may even qualify for our FREE one-hour loading service.