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Home renovations are often set up to make an improvement or a major alteration to one’s living space. Its not just about your house having a fresh, new look – a renovation also includes extensive maintenance and general repair to the original structure or updating key fixtures such as electrical wiring, lighting, flooring and plumbing. Certain spaces are reconfigured to fit new needs such as having an extended patio, an added bedroom, a nursery or a studio. These spaces can really make a difference in the way you live.

Renovating can be a tedious process for homeowners.  It requires serious planning, financial and material resources, plus the determination to get things done often under a strict time frame. For too many people, the renovation phase itself becomes too painstaking and stressful, especially if there are several contractors and designers involved. Most are unable to foresee the amount of builder’s wastes and rubbish piles that come after. Of course, most homeowners tend to focus on the finish line. They envision their homes all sleek and done with the major makeover, and they tend to forget that rubbish removal should have taken priority since the beginning of the construction phase.

Things to keep in mind before you undertake a major home renovation

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  1. Plan ahead and prepare your renovation budget. Decide on your spending limit and keep track of expenses daily.
  2. Discuss with your contractor the phases of your renovation. Divide your entire work area into manageable mini-plans. You can have work done from room to room, or according to the priority areas. Check the plans thoroughly so you know that the contractor is building exactly what you want.
  3. Clean-out the clutter before starting construction. The key to an efficient renovation is to have ample space to move and work around. Put fragile items, heirlooms, art and other home valuables in boxes and secure them in another area of the house. You don’t want these things damaged and broken during construction. You also don’t want your contractor worrying about little things such as misplaced items or trinkets thrown in the rubbish, which he is not responsible for.
  4. Be on top of your rubbish situation. Once renovation and installation have begun, you can expect rubbish from wood cuttings, metals, soil, timber, particle boards, cement refuse and dust. To keep work areas safe and your house dust-free, make sure proper waste disposal rules are in place. The last thing your house needs is to have waste lying around the yard for weeks and months, making your property look like a dumping ground. A poorly kept property will only result in a low appraisal value and will also affect the value of the residences around it.

Clean-ups are a Must

‘Clean as you go’ doesn’t just apply to a busy chef’s kitchen, but also to builders. Save yourself the stress even before a rubbish crisis as council fines can put you into full breakdown mode. You can seriously prevent needless delays by having the foresight to spot the trouble areas early on.

Renovation Clean Up

You don’t have to learn the hard way when it comes to cleaning up your rubbish.  Hiring a skip bin can make a huge difference to a big renovation project. In clearing out the rubbish, you’ll not just save money, but your sanity as well. So do yourself a favour when doing renovations.  Plan early and include the renovation clean up services and skip bin hire in your renovation plans.

Is Hiring a Skip Bin Easy?

1300 Skip Bins

Calling for a skip bin hire sounds simple, in fact, it really is. And the good news is, you can call us 1300 Skip Bins for an obligation free quote. More importantly, let us know of the following details and we’ll help you through it:

The volume of rubbish you have. So we can advise you on the size of skip bin you’ll need. Will your rubbish just be located on one side of the property? Or would the construction team prefer having a mobile skip bins that can be moved around the work area?

The kind of wastes you need removed. You cannot put all types of rubbish in the skip bins or mobile skip bins.  You cannot mixed in certain wastes with regular household and building wastes due to enviromental laws. This is for your own safety and everyone else’s protection. You can also dispose certain regulated wastes such as mattresses, tyres, paints, chemicals and asbestos but this often comes at an additional cost.

The height, weight and length of the waste materials. Here’s a good reminder. If you can’t close the lid or the rubbish is above the rim of the skip bin then that rubbish shouldn’t be in there. You must closed the skip bin or cover it before transport. This is for safety reasons and also to secure the contents of skip bin from scattering all over the roads.  Either you break the waste material down into portions to make it fit into the skip bin, or notify us that you have rubbish with wide and tall measurements.

Your location. So we can check for the needed permits and parking fees set by your council about skip bins. Also whether you can put the skip bin in front of your house, on your driveway or backyard. You have to let us know the access points. Whether your path is wide enough to accommodate a skip bin delivery vehicle.

1300 Skip Bins

Skip bin delivery. If you’re busy and can’t be there on the skip bin delivery day, that’s fine as long as you let us know in advance. You should leave enough instructions for our skip bin hire team to know where to put the skip bins on your property.

All of these factors once discussed will result in the pricing set for the kind of renovation clean up job your property needs. You have many options to choose from, and if you need to lower your costs further, discuss alternatives with us.

Why book a Mobile Skip Bin?

If your home renovation requires a lot of excavation, having a traditional skip bin is ideal. For renovation work, having mobile skip bins around are quite handy. They are accessible as mobile skip bins are on wheels. They can be easily pushed around the property for spot clean-ups. Having skip bins visible throughout the property will encourage the construction crew to keep things in order. This is also to let your neighbours, and the council know you’re up to code.

And with a mobile skip bin hire, you can bet we will be there on time and load all the rubbish on schedule. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Everything you Need When it Comes to Skip Bin Hire

Not sure where to start? Try 1300 Skip Bins, of course. If you’re new to hiring skip bins, that’s fine, we’ll guide you through the process. We’ll help you find the right skip bin size for your home renovation and help you get started.

There is little question that managing a renovation while juggling the demands of both family and work can give anyone a very tough time. You don’t need to handle everything on your own.  Delegating other tasks and hiring skip bin professionals such as 1300 Skip Bins to come in, might just be the thing you need to keep your renovation plans running smoothly. Also the renovation clean up process need not be complicated, and it should not feel like a splurge among all other costs. In fact with a skip bin hire, you’ll save more money in the end without the worries. At 1300 Skip Bins, we’ll clean your yard spotless, leaving your home with a clean, beautiful feel.

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