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Green Waste Removal – Disposing Of Your Garden Waste Responsibly

Need help with your green waste removal?

As Australians, we are blessed with lovely weather.  Sure, sometimes it may throughout the year be too hot or too cold but overall we are blessed with many beautiful days.

And there is nothing like a perfect spring or summer’s day to make you want to get out into the garden and make it look its best.

The Big Garden Makeover

As the old saying goes, a change is often as good as a holiday.  Nothing applies to this saying more than renewing and refreshing that tired old garden.  

Green Waste Removal

Overhauling your garden by pruning or removing straggly old plants and trimming or removing those large trees and shrubs that have grown larger than you intended may be just the trick to bring your garden (and your love of your outdoor area) back to life.

How much green waste???

Unfortunately, tidying up your garden comes with the unavoidable large amounts of branches and other vegetation.  If you have ever given your garden a major makeover you will know just how much green waste you end with.  It is way too much to shove in your council supplied green waste bin (for those lucky enough to have a local council that provides you one for regular collection) so how do you approach your green waste removal?

Well, the thing that you DON’T do is dump it in the surrounding bush land. Lantana (our least favourite plant in the world!!!) and a range of other noxious weeds began life in the suburban garden but through incorrect disposal have taken hold in our native vegetation, crowding out native species and becoming impossible to eradicate.  It doesn’t take much for discarded plants to take root amongst native vegetation.  We have all stuck a plant ‘cutting’ into some soil and have it begin to grow several weeks later. I don’t know about you, but I would hate to think that I was the one who was responsible for unleashing some noxious weed species upon the local reserve or native bush.  If everybody took green waste removal more seriously we could avoid many of our noxious weed problems.

Then where should I take it?

Many cities have facilities where you can take your green waste, however not are all the same.  Some just add your green waste to landfill compounding the ever-increasing landfill problem.  Other facilities make the effort to reuse the green waste you bring them.  It pays to ask your local waste management facility how they dispose of your green waste.

Why should I take my green waste to a recycling facility?

Just the use of the word ‘recycling’ makes us feel good and that we are doing the right thing by the planet.  Taking your green waste to such a facility is the best thing you can do.

How is my green waste recycled?

It is simple really.  Depending on the type of green waste you have (large branches, twigs and leaves, grass clippings etc).

Green Waste Removal

or composted.

Green Waste Removal

Mulched green waste is great for weed control and moisture retention in your garden.  Shredded vegetation over your garden is broken down quickly, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.

During the composting process, green waste is broken down to produce nutrient-rich soil which can be returned to your garden for the benefit of your remaining plants. Some waste management facilities even utilise the methane given off by rotting vegetation to generate electricity.

So next time you give your garden a makeover and you need assistance with your garden green waste removal. Hire a skip bin to take your green waste to be recycled responsibly.  And don’t forget to ask your skip bin supplier where they intend to take your green waste.

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