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Having a party or function is always a blast until you wake up and find the party’s over, and its not just a hangover you have to deal with, but having to clean up the rubbish after the event.

You’d be surprised at the lovely little parting gifts that your guests have left – Oh look! Someone threw up on the sofa and there’s beer cans all over the floor. This is not something you eagerly look forward to in the morning especially if you have work or other errands. Admit it, after every event or weekend party, cleaning up seems like an impossible thing to do. Because there’s simply too much to clean out on your own, particularly if the event crowd went a little bit over the top with the partying.

Like any special occasion, you’re responsible for what happens during the party and of course, the inevitable event clean up after the party. And as you survey the messy aftermath in its full glory, you’re likely to see all your house surfaces cluttered with plastic cups, bottles, cans, plastic cutlery, leftover food and plates. Picking these things up and tossing them into the bin is easy if it’s a small house party, but if it’s a big event in a large space, you might need a couple of extra hands to clear everything out. Plus the stains and the leftovers are another thing altogether. Sometimes this will make you wonder why host a party in the first place?

Another thing during post clean-up, you must check all corners of the house; guests have a way of leaving nasty things hoping that no one would notice. Friends are gems in that way. Unfortunately, you will have to do something about the unbearable stains, the putrid vomit and the abominable smells before it all sets in permanently. So how do you resolve this sticky mess? Sometimes an after event clean up is so traumatising for some people that they never want the hassle of hosting parties ever again. But don’t fret just yet; you can keep the party spirit going if you plan the event properly in advance.

Number one must-have for an event clean up is to definitely have a skip bin ready.

Having a skip bin for the event is not a party splurge or indulgence. It doesn’t cost much, no more than you would need a birthday ice sculpture or a giant beer keg. A skip bin is a necessity that you won’t regret having after the party.

If it’s a house party, you can get a small, mini skip. This can be the open-top type or the one with access doors that can be placed in your property or council road. You can even go for a mobile skip bin with closable lids.

Mobile skip bins are skip bins on a trailer. Imagine, a big rubbish container you can park where the mess is.  This saves you time and money in all your cleaning efforts. A mobile skip bin can be pushed into hard- to-access areas such as basements, narrow pathways, and underground parking spaces. Also you can park it close to where people tend to cluster in droves. Having a skip bin visible in your party areas will encourage people to dispose of their rubbish properly.

Mobile skips also have lockable lids to contain any pungent smells and keep out animals from rummaging through the rubbish. Plus since they are registered vehicles, you can park the skip on council property which means you don’t have to worry about securing permits when you opt for a mobile skip bin for your event.

Don’t worry it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Most event organisers and party planners never consider a skip bin as an expense, but a smart prerequisite in handling large scale rubbish on site and on the fly. For as little as $230, a mobile skip bin is that party monster that’s going to make all your rubbish problems disappear and all before bin collection day.

Event Clean Up

It’s big enough for a major household rubbish removal at 2 cubic metres. You might even have enough space leftover to jam more rubbish in.  Just simply add some old stuff stored in the house. Include everything you ever wanted to throw away to make your house more spacious.

Once the party is over you can easily go about your event clean up.  You can go with pre-planning by booking a skip bin early or even going that little bit extra by hiring a rubbish removal team or a skip bin hire to do all the work for you. Simply take the stress out of event clean up with a professional skip bin hire.  Sit back and watch the rubbish removal professionals load and haul the rubbish away. They will even clean up your area right after; making sure everything is back in order, all neat and tidy!


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To make things easy on yourself, call 1300 Skip Bins or book us for your next event! We know how important it is to be in the moment and to have fun at your own party without any worries- be it a personal family get-together, a special milestone or big holiday event, you can be sure that 1300 Skip Bins will be there to take care of your event clean up needs. Our team makes it a point to arrive on schedule with the skip bins you need and then we get busy hauling the rubbish right away!

Call us as we’re on hand to answer any questions about our highly affordable skip bin service or simply book for a skip bin quote online at no-obligation.  You can schedule your professional after-party clean-up with a skip bin hire service as early as today, and we’ll anticipate the mess you make! We’ll be there to make you feel at ease.

It’s no secret: 1300 Skip Bins is your best reason to start partying this hard!

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