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The first question most people start with when looking to hire a skip bin is “How much does skip bin hire cost?” This is not a bad place to start but as they say, price is not everything.

The Facts about the cost of skip bin hire:

Thanks to the cost of doing business and State Government waste levies, disposing of your waste is not cheap.  So unless you are one of those selfish, thoughtless people who dump their rubbish illegally (and we hope you are not) the disposal of large amounts of waste sensibly is a necessary evil.

But before you go paying just any price to remove your rubbish here are a number of things to consider to make sure you not only get the best price for your skip bin but get the best bang for your buck.

1. Know what kind of rubbish you have?

Different types of waste cost different amounts to dispose of.  Generally, the lighter it is and the ease in which it can be recycled, the cheaper it is to dispose of at the waste management facility.  Green waste (vegetation) is cheaper to dispose of but if it is mixed with general household waste it costs as much to dump as the other waste it is mixed with.  Plus it cannot be made in to mulch or compost if mixed with other waste so is not better for the environment.  So if possible, see how much green waste and other recyclables (like cardboard and plastics) you have.  It may be worth hiring 2 smaller sized skip bins instead of one large one.  It could save you money and the planet will love you for it.

Tip: Pile your rubbish in to separate piles for green waste, recyclables, general waste and building waste.  Then you can see how much you have of each and decide on your best disposal options.

2. What size skip bin do you need?

Working out what size skip you need (how much waste you have) is not easy.  Many times we deliver a skip bin only to find it is only partly filled or our customer fills the first bin only to order a second (and sometimes a third).

Tip:  Be organised and get your rubbish sorted beforehand.  Start your clean-up before ordering your skip.  Pile you rubbish close to where your skip bin will be placed to see how much waste you have.  You can even call a skip bin company to swing past your place to look at your rubbish pile and advise you accordingly on the skip bin size you will need. After all, they will be more experienced at knowing what size bin you rubbish will fit in.

3. How to load a Skip Bin

When it comes to the price of skip bin hire a quick search on the internet should give you some idea of this.  However instead of simply asking “how much does skip bin hire cost?” you should also ask “how do I maximise the space in the skip bin I do hire?”  After all, why pay for the empty space in our skip bin that you do not use?

Follow this simple 7 step process to maximise your skip bin hire;

1 – Get all flat objects such as roof sheeting, doors, timber etc and lay them flat on the bottom of the skip.
2 – Pack solid items like lounges next.  You can easily pile other items on a lounge.  It’s hard to pile a lounge on other items.  Lots of ‘dead space’ will be below the lounge if you do this.
3 – Pack square items like whitegoods, TVs, bedside tables etc up against each other to reduce the gap between items.
4 – Any objects with openings like crates or cabinets should be packed open with the opening facing upwards so smaller items can fall in to the gaps.
5 – Small items should be used to fill in any gaps in large items.  Chairs and shelves are full of empty spaces.  Place them on their sides with any openings facing upwards so small items fall in to the empty spaces they create.
6 – Empty all small items from boxes.  Simply tip them out so they fall between the cracks and fill up any empty spaces.  Set aside the empty cardboard boxes until last.
7 – Gather all your empty cardboard boxes and pull them apart to lay them flat.  You can stomp on them but pulling them apart ensures they lay flat.  Then lay them across the top of the bin and pull the lid down on them.

Follow this formula and you will get the most out of your skip bin hire.

4. What type of skip bin do you need?

Think outside the square.  When most people think of a skip bin they think of those battered and bruised large open top metal containers that you see sitting in front of many building sites.

But what if you were told of a better alternative to those skip bins?  Have you considered using a mobile skip bin (a skip bin on a trailer)?

Here is why we think mobile skip bins are the better alternative;

  • Mobile skip bins can be placed close to where the bulk of your rubbish is such as under carports and garages, including in underground basement car parks. They can also get close to your rubbish by going down long and steep driveways, saving you time and energy when loading your skip bin.
  • They do not require a council permit.   Many Local Councils will charge you to place a skip bin on the nature strip or street.  For example, Newcastle Local Council charge $80 to do this.  Mobile skip bins are registered vehicles, so as long a they comply with local parking conditions they do not require a council permit.  This makes them $80 cheaper than traditional skip bins already!!!
  • Mobile skip bins have lockable lids – so only YOUR rubbish goes in the bin. Don’t pay to dispose of your neighbour’s rubbish.
  • Mobile skip bins have pneumatic (rubber) tyres that won’t scratch your driveway or crack your concrete or pavers or dig up your lawn like traditional skip bins can.

So, how much does skip bin hire cost?

And finally, the question you started with “How much does skip bin hire cost?”

Well as you have read, this depends on how much waste you have, what type of waste it is and how long you will need the skip bin for.

Hopefully the above tips will help you with the first 2 points.  For the third point most skip bin companies factor a 7 day hire in to their pricing. However most people only need a skip bin for 1 to 3 days.  So it pays to consider how long you need a skip bin for and look for skip bins that have shorter hire periods.  Some skip bin companies will even give you a discount for the early return of bins.

One final point to look out for is that the skip bin industry is highly competitive so look for skip bin hire companies that will match or beat the best price you can find.


So the next time you ask yourself “How much does skip bin hire cost?” consider all of the above and you will take comfort knowing you have made the right decision and obtained the best option at the best possible price and that you have not spent more money than you need to when disposing of your rubbish.

But to get a quick answer on “How much does skip bin hire cost?”  simply visit which will start you on your skip bin selection journey.

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