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Office Waste

Office waste is under the category of general waste, only that it is a specific kind of waste generated across offices and businesses. These are discarded papers, packaging labels, plastics, worn out equipment and other things that are used inside offices on a daily basis.

Companies usually have loads of paper waste, from print outs to photocopies that pile up within weeks. Paper and plastic wastes take up large spaces at the office. Since some companies are situated on top floors, and most of these companies try to find practical ways to manage the disproportionately huge amount of office waste often made by a small number of employees. Often enough their building management will cite this as a burgeoning problem that needs to be address through proper waste management solutions, such as best value for money skip bin hires. These skip bin services are able to manage office waste more efficiently, without sacrificing employee time, and at regular frequencies.

Why hire a Skip Bin for your Office Waste needs?

Consider the company culture.

Hiring a cheap skip bin hire to clear out office waste is often a good decision. Employess work hard and often long hours that some may have a hard time keeping their own area clean. They have work priorities and deadlines that make it difficult for them to have a tidy desk. Also some companies generate more than just paper excess among their office waste, consider the old things left behind by past employees, broken equipment and old furnishings. It’s best to hire skip bin professionals at affordable skip bin prices to take out the seasonal office rubbish.

Move freely.

The benefits of having a clean office space easily boosts productivity – no bumping into large archives of papers, bulky folders or old office equipment. There’s a clear flow for traffic pattern, people don’t need to crowd so much in one path at any given time, they can move about freely when boxes and paper wastes are not blocking entry and exit points.

Keep it consistent.

The frequency of your skip bin hire will result in a regularly clean and immaculate office. This surely makes for a happy work place. Employees need not worry about rats and cockroaches moving about their desks, or bugs hiding in the paper work.  All they have to do then is work hard and enjoy their morning coffee.

Make a good impression.

Having a best choice skip bin hire to clear up the loaded skips will improve office ratings and business standards, especially if a client decides to come over for a meeting, you don’t have to worry about the mess. A clean space will leave a good impression to customers. It will show a well-maintained company, resulting in more projects and sales for the company.

Make an Effort to Recycle Office Waste

Try as we might, employees can do everyone a favor by recycling and going paperless. That document you need printed? If it doesn’t need to be physically signed or marked in ink for approval, just make it available on a common file server for everyone to access and read on a screen. The time spent on printing or going on queue on the photocopy machine is not time well spent either; there are other practical ways to go about it. Consider that everyone has a mobile phone and even a laptop, that’s capable of reading files with different formats. This paperless habit will save the office tons of ink and reduce the amount of paper waste in general.

Remember when rubbish overflows in a confined space such as an office, so does problems. Like pests, council and city fines, angry employees, illnesses and working relationships deteriorate.  Companies cannot handle burgeoning piles of rubbish easily. That’s why it’s important to hire skip bins with regards to this matter.  We at 1300 Skip Bins pride ourselves as being the most cost effective and excellent skip bin hire available. Just check out the skip hire prices in your area and you’d know how reasonable our skip hire cost are! We offer you durable and large size skips, plus skip bin service that’s reliable, quick and efficient.

1300 Skip Bins

Do know that a cheap skip hire service such as ours will clean-up more than what an average employee can do, there’s not a lot of concerted effort that employees could pitch in during office hours. With our skip bin hires, you can expect a good focus clean-up when it comes to dealing with office wastes.

If you’re not sure what to clear out in the office yet, do an inventory. Consider what items need replacing? You should ask employees what reports or paperwork needs archiving, thrown out and recycled.

As rubbish removal professionals, we at 1300 Skip bins can advise you on what you can throw out and not include in the skip bin. We are mindful of safety and health hazards. As we are able to handle work in accordance with waste management regulations for office and businesses.

Here are the common office wastes that take up too much valuable office space:

Office WastePaper wastes. Used paper printouts, photocopies, reports, books, folders, annuals, letters, envelopes, periodicals, invoices and receipts.

Broken furnishings and fixtures. Ergonomic chairs, office chairs, waiting room benches, office couches, desks, cubicle boards, whiteboards, filing cabinets, partitions and shelves.

Office electronic wastes. Old servers, routers, computers, cables, wires, telephones, projectors, scanners, fax machines and photocopiers.

Packaging wastes. Empty boxes, pallets, cardboard and packaging labels.

Plastics. Polystyrene, slides, acetates, bubble wraps and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETs).

Other bulky and hard to get rid of items. Timber, wood boards, kits, office mugs, thermal cups, pens, lunch tins, containers, supplies and excess inventories from business products.

Call Us Today!

At 1300 Skip Bins, we have your skip bin cost in mind. In order to provide better skip bin prices to all our customers, simply give us a call. We will talk to you more about your rubbish concerns.  Also, we would like to know more about the scope, size and volume of your rubbish.

We’ll find the right size skip for you!

We have the best there is, from traditional skips, mobile skip bins and marrel bins, everything you may need for your clean-up project but we do want to know what you plan to put in the skip bin. We can advise you what needs to be sorted prior to loading, so we can send it to the proper waste treatment facility. We’re ethically and environmentally responsible for your rubbish and the way we handle our skip bins. Also by knowing all of these details, your skip bin cost will result in a reasonable price and affordable skip bin service.

So what happens after a quote?

When you’ve finally booked the right size skip bin and given us all the details- you can expect the delivery of the skip bin at the agreed upon date, our skip hire team will be back for collection and disposal on your scheduled pick-up day. It’s that simple!

For years, we have been providing a wide range of skip bins and skip bin hire solutions for office and business areas. Our excellent skip bin hire service is popular throughout the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area, and with the way we do things, you can expect better savings as we are the best cost skip bin hire available.