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General Waste

What is General Waste?

Used material that is generated from households, businesses and industrial areas is called General waste. Simply put, anything you use or leave behind is general waste. That gum you just chewed came with the paper wrapping, the clothes you wear and throw out after, the leaves in your yard, and your old mobile phone you now have no used for. Once done with the thing- its rubbish, its general waste. But how we manage our rubbish is what matters most.

When you walk through certain neighborhoods in Australia, you’ll find certain neighborhoods with messy yards, some have abandoned cars, broken down machinery, heaps of old things or simply trash in the yards. But for certain, you have also seen houses with immaculately clean yards? Often than not, these houses have skips or employ regular skip bin hire. It may sound like a splurge, but you’d be surprise how cheap skip bin services are. They are in fact affordable to the average Australian household because skip bins don’t just come in one size, they come in different sizes and varieties. Sometimes you can opt for a skip bin hire team to come in, do the clean-up and loading and before you know it your yard, your house, and the whole property looks impressively well-kept.

General wastes are better off recycled than just thrown into landfills, through recycling and proper rubbish removal, we can still find economic value by recovering usable materials directly from waste. When you want to clean up your general waste, it’s better to go for a skip bin hire.

What are the kinds of general wastes are loaded into skip bins?

  • Paper. Photocopying paper, fax paper, paper packaging, cardboard, white office paper, annuals, newspaper, periodicals, magazines, colored office paper, white computer paper, catalogs, and phone books.
  • Plastics. Polystyrene and items made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).
  • Clothing, textiles and other fabrics.
  • Organics. Biodegradable kitchen waste, green garden waste.
  • Building Waste Aluminium, scrap metals, plasterboard, wooden products, timber Concrete (weight limits apply – approximately 3 wheelbarrow loads maximum)
  • Electronic Waste Electronic equipment. Appliances such as screens, televisions, computers, stereos, audio accessories, printers, office electronics.
  • Small electrical appliances such as toasters, hand dryers, blenders, vacuum cleaners, microwaves and Items with specific environmental regulations on their disposal. They often often come with an additional charge due to the enironmental levy, but we are happy to talk walk you through it.
  • Tires or rubber tires
  • Mattresses
  • Vehicles
  • Batteries
  • Lighting
  • Concrete and soil (weight limits and certain restrictions in place)
  • Large electrical appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers, tub dryers, spin dryers, washing machines and any other large white goods.
  • Large furnitures with treated wood and hazardous metals.

A Small Note on Green Waste

Regular skip hires will tell you that small grass clippings can be put in general waste bins, however large volumes of green waste such as large clippings, tree branches and timber will require its own bin. Kitchen waste such as fruit peels and food waste are not to be mixed with green waste. These are treated differently at the waste management facility and by mixing them together; this would not make for good compost. Do know that Green waste skip hire prices are generally cheaper than regular household waste skip hire costs.

There are a lot of different ways on how people handle general wastes. But cheap skip bin companies have proven themselves worth their skip hire cost, they are the best way for average citizens to properly deal with waste that are overwhelming and even hazardous. These are the kinds of toxic rubbish can contaminate the environment and put people at risk.

Before you dump all your old things and general waste into the skip bin, sort out materials and do not include dangerous substances into the mix. Strict environmental laws are in place to keep everyone safe from hazards, so not all kinds of rubbish are allowed in the skip bins.

Check for the following:

  • Alkalines and acids
  • Asbestos (Homes constructed in the 1980s or older have this material)
  • Poisons and toxic chemicals
  • Heavy metals and radioactive materials
  • Cooking oil
  • Fuel (Petrol or diesel) and motor oils
  • Batteries and battery fluids
  • Gas Bottles (Full, partially filled or empty)
  • Household cleaners and chemicals
  • Paints and thinners
  • Large broken glass, large pointed metal scraps
  • Lighting, broken lamps

Not sure how to deal with toxic of hazardous substances, you may discuss sorting concerns like these with your skip bin service prior to booking a skip.

Go for a Cheap Skip Bin Hire?

But just what are skip bins? What about the skip hire cost? Skip bins are those large containers that vary in size and capacity, their use depends on the type of clean-up you need. But it’s pretty straightforward; a skip bin service will just show up on schedule leave the skip bin outside your home, where you can easily dispose of your rubbish.

To effectively reduce the amount of rubbish in your home, hiring skip bins would be the best solution in getting rid of unwanted items that have piled up in your yard, basement, garage and closet. Plus the skip hire cost will depend on the kind of skip bin hire service, the duration of the rental and the skip bin size.

What is the difference between skip bin and skip hire services?

People get this confused a lot, but really there is only a minor difference between the two types beside the usual skip hire cost. Skip bins and skip hire services do offer the same thing- to give you ease in managing your waste. But the significant difference between the two is that with skip bin services, you are booking a skip bin container. Once delivered, you are in charge with how you manage your waste and loading the skip bin on your own.

On the other hand, a skip hire or skip bin hire makes things easier. You get to book a skip bin and then a team of skip bin professionals will come over on collection day. They’ll have their hands full doing all the loading and cleaning for you. So no worries there on your end!

What is the difference between the traditional skip and the mobile skip bin?

Traditional skip bins are often large industrial containers used for large scale waste management that are mounted on a truck then delivered by using a crane. We are talking tons of rubbish here either acummulated for years, or rubbish from building projects such as excavations and construction. Often businesses engaged in high people traffic such as restaurants or malls, industrial facilities that deal with manufacturing. They need large skips so they can run their businesses smoothly. So do residential properties and communities with big yards, small farm lots and event areas. They need a large skips to maintain their high property value.

Meanwhile, mobile skip bins work best by moving them around. Their rubber wheels make them accesible around your property or wherever you need to remove rubbish. Mobile skips also come in small and large industrial sizes.

Try a Skip Bin Hire for General Household Rubbish

At 1300 Skip Bins, we know every call from every client has a different set of needs. That’s why we customize our skip bin hire prices and offer our customers the best variety of options, from large traditional skip bins to mobile skip bins. We also have an efficient skip bin hire team that can address your needs on site.

You may need a skip bin service for:

  • Renovations and home improvement
  • Spring cleaning or annual clean-ups
  • Moving out day
  • A Public Event such a concert or reunion
  • Deceased Estate clean-up
  • Citation enforcement after being fine by Council for a messy property
  • Regular household maintenance
  • Garden and organic waste management
  • Waste management audit
  • Missed rubbish collection days by the local service

Be proactive about keeping your home clean, contact us about your rubbish removal concerns and we’ll give you a quote at no obligation. You don’t have to worry about your rubbish at all, just hire 1300 Skip Bins for all of your skip bin needs.